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On regular basis we will be conducting educational Workshops, No sales, Blogs, Podcasts.

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Educate yourself in pre-foclosures, No MLS listings and when ready jump in and use our service . Presently Calgary and Edmonton.

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Street Smart RE Investors Program

Get updated about new innovative program where we work with members to build their re investing businesses..

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Tools, Apps, Hints, Tips

In current market we always have to grow with the technology We will share tips, hints, ideas related to technology.

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Investments, Leads, Deals

Access to leads, deals, Investments offered by us or our valuable partners.

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RE Investing Community

Start with networking, learning from other investors, ask questions, Our exclusive internal community portal within your reach. By subscribing here you will get our $250 membership for free. ( limited )

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Please notice we have over 10 team members and numbers are growing. Michael and Shelley are working with us for the longest time - over 10 years.

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